Going DigitaL

The sudden and rapid outbreak of COVID-19 has caused enormous disruption across work sectors. The arts and culture scene was first hit hard by a widespread wave of cancellations with widening bans on public gatherings, causing artists to scramble to figure out how to sustain themselves both financially and creatively.

Luckily, we had already programmed two digitally based projects that participants could experience during solitary travels as they took in their surroundings: Vista by Zuppa Theatre Co. and Walking Gottingen by Jayde Tynes and Francella Fiallos. In addition to this, and thanks to available communication technology, our board and several of our programmed artists were able to quickly come up with alternative plans for online broadcasting and presentation. We’re excited by the new lineup of galleries, playlists, screenings and online events now offered to you. I offer heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped make our new digital edition possible.

I can’t think of a more pertinent time to be bringing to you events that honour the spirit of solidarity, collective effort and unity. Thanks for joining us this year as we step into a new decade for Mayworks K’jipuktuk/Halifax, and a new world globally.

Links to all our events are available on this website.



Pjila’si, bienvenue, and welcome to our 2020 festival. Although it may feel these days like we’re living in a purely virtual space, we acknowledge that we and all our viewers in Mi’kma’ki are in the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq. We are all Treaty People, each holding the responsibility of not only honouring, but also enacting peace and friendship as we share the land which sustains us. For those of you viewing from outside Mi’kma’ki, please take a moment to acknowledge the Indigenous people and the colonial history of the place where you are.

Msit No’kmaq


Physical Distancing & Self-Isolation

In some cases, the term “physical distancing” is used as a replacement to “social distancing” in the effort to encourage the  continued fostering of social relationships so important to our well being while also following the necessary directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While enjoying our program of events, we urge everyone to always follow the health directives in place. Do not gather in physical spaces, stay apart and self-isolate when required.

With few exceptions, all of our events are intended to be experienced from your home – either by yourself, or with those who already share residence with you. Do not gather and do not invite people over. Instead, host an online viewing or listening party!

Vista and Walking Gottingen require you to move about and travel on your own to take in the experience. In both cases, the digital files containing the projects will be available on an ongoing basis. If you’re not well, if there are a lot of people about, if it’s not safe to participate at any given moment for whatever reason – wait! Just try at a later date. When participating, keep your distance from others along your travel. Do not congregate or gather, and take turns with other family members or friends. These are projects intended for solitary participation.

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep your distance, and #flattenthecurve